Mecanizados TAME boasts a newly built 2,500 m2 pavilion, with 2,000m2 dedicated to production facilities.

Our machinery, which is constantly updated, includes 9 machining centres, 9 CNC lathes, mechanical lathes, milling machines, multiple head drills, saws, etc.

YCM TV-146 B y NSV-102 A Machining Centre

IBARMIA ZV 35/2200 Machining Centre 4 shafts - Movement 2,200 x 500 x 500 mm. Pendular work: 2 work areas

KONDIA B-1050 Machining Centre

CNC CMZ TC-35-1350 Lathes with load manipulator (2 loading stations)

KONDIA URBAN 2,500 Machining Centre 4 shafts - Movement 2,500 x 500 x 610 m